6th - 12th Grade

Young Adult Bible Study (18 to 25ish)



Rec Night (21 and under)


BC Youth will be a place where students "Get It"


BC Youth exists to ignite students’ passion for Jesus, equip them with the gospel, and engage them in winning others to Christ.


CONNECTED. BC Youth is part of the larger vision of Bethel Church.  

ALL. BC Youth takes the Gospel to ALL students regardless of demographic.  

FORWARD THINKING. BC Youth refuses to focus on the past and present conditions of our students, looking to the future for what students can become.

CULTURE. BC Youth rejects all cultural norms that do not line up with The Bible and harnesses and uses those that are neutral or positive to compel students to Christ. 

TRUTH. BC Youth teaches students the ENTIRE gospel in a loving fashion. 

THE WINDOW. 77 % of people receive Christ before the age of 21. Therefore, BC Youth constantly considers change and does whatever it takes to reach students before they move into adulthood.  

WORK. BC Youth believes students are capable of more than just sleeping late, socializing, and watching TV. They are energetic and find purpose in working for the cause of Christ.  

TRAIN.  BC Youth gives students important roles in ministry and develops them to serve with excellence. 

YOUR PREFERENCE. Personal preferences are irrelevant to us. BC Youth does not seek to please people but to please God and we use every means necessary to reach this generation.