BC Groups are smaller groups of people that are committed to going through LIFE together. These groups are built on various topics, Bible studies, and even common interests. Here at Bethel Church, we value the studying of God’s word together and believe that growing towards God will help us grow towards one another. Don’t go through life alone, register for a LIFE group today! Register For A BC Group >>


The first part of Bethel Church’s vision is to strengthen the home. One of the greatest reflections of Christ’s love for the church is a Christian marriage. The Marriage Ministry at BC seeks to strengthen the homes in our community by helping couples at all stages of married life. Learn More >>


The women’s ministry is committed to the development of our women through prayer, Biblical teaching, social gatherings, and opportunities for outreach. Meeting on a monthly basis, the women’s ministry at Bethel connects women on an intergenerational basis and allows them to learn from each other.


The Men of Bethel is a group of men that come together to share, learn, and experience what it means to be a man and a Christian. Monthly prayer breakfasts, interest based gatherings, and outreach events characterize this strategic ministry and push the Men of Bethel to being the leaders God has called them to be.


The senior season of life is a fun and vibrant season in which the older generation positions themselves to begin pouring into the up and coming generation. This outreach enriched ministry are for those that are age 50 and older.