Bethel Church founded Bethel House of Children in Haiti in 1970.  Today, we are a full and part-time orphanage for 43 children with 5 staff members in Source Matales, Haiti.  We provide spiritual development as well as housing, clothes, food, education, and health care.  American missions teams are formed throughout each year to facilitate projects,  bring awareness, and share hope with Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.   There is HOPE for Haiti. 

For $45 per month or $540 per year, you can adopt & sponsor a child from our orphanage. This provides meals, education, clothing, and so much more.

DIRECTORS | Luckner & Magallie Milhomme

Dominican Republic 

Bethel Church has founded 5 churches in the Dominican Republic and we actively partner with these churches providing resources and leadership development.   Short term missions team opportunities are made available periodically to address projects, bring awareness, evangelize and provide leadership training.

PASTORS | Eliezer & Jose Mejia Diaz




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