Lead Pastors

PASTOR STEVE & SHARON HOLDER | As the leaders of Bethel Church, Pastor Steve & Sharon Holder are a dynamic couple of faith who sincerely love the people of their community and globe. Lead Pastor Steve is known for his bold preaching, his passion for the community, and his love for people. Able to connect with people of all ages and all walks of life, Pastor Steve genuinely cares for each person who walks through the doors of Bethel Church. His fatherly love is evident in his desire to develop young leaders, serve the community, and nurture a family and church of passionate worshippers. 



Our Team 


DANIEL WEEKS  |  Ministry Director | daniel.weeks@bethelchurch.info 

BARRY GINN  |  BC Groups & Connections Pastor | barry.ginn@bethelchurch.info 

PHILLIP SEXTON  |  BC Kids Pastor | phillip.sexton@bethelchurch.info 


LAUREN HOLDER  |  Administrative Assistant & Marriage lauren.holder@bethelchurch.info 

LINDA MOORE  |  BC Seniors Director | linda.moore@bethelchurch.info         

BLAKE HOLDER  |  Worship Pastor | blake.holder@bethelchurch.info         

SHARON HOLDER  |  BC Women | sharonholder.bc@gmail.com