Strengthen The Home  |  Change The Community  |    Reach The World



Be The Church  |  Acts 10:38



> Healthy Home | If you want to make the most change, draw the smallest circle and begin there. Your home has to be your first place of ministry.
> Life Together | Doing life together isn't an option in God's kingdom. We were designed to experience the ups and downs of life together. We need each other.
> Discipleship | Fully committing yourself to becoming like Christ and then imparting that into the life of someone else.
> Authentic Holy Spirit | "Too Spiritual" is a phrase used too often because it often means we don't want to be led by the Holy Spirit. We value the Holy Spirit holistically in both experience and doctrine.
> Bible Centered, Yet Culturally Relevant | We will harness any aspect of the culture that helps us connect people to God, but refuse to embrace those things that don't align with Scripture.
> You Belong | You have a place here at Bethel Church. Everyone has a place here at Bethel including the fatherless, the forgotten, the widow, and the orphan.



> We believe in salvation through repentance and confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

> We serve One God that is a triune being; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

> We believe the Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God

> We believe Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary and is the only begotten Son of the Father

> We believe Jesus lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried, rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven

> We believe we are justified (declared righteous by the blood of Jesus) when we repent of our sins and believe in Jesus Christ

> We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues, and the operation of the nine gifts of the Spirit

> We believe in the freedom of worship with all forms of expression being done in decency and in order, not drawing attention to one's self

> We believe in water baptism by immersion in water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

> We believe every blessing we receive from God comes through the merits of the Atonement (Jesus' complete sacrifice for us on the cross)

> We believe in the Rapture and second coming of Christ

> We believe those who die outside of Christ will be sent to an eternal Hell, but those who die "in Christ" will share in His glory in Heaven forever

> We believe in the sacredness of marriage between one man and one woman